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This is Ellen, Alexa and Janet! "women of Curves" Cranberry Township, PA,


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Here are some more photos of the Mother’s day unveiling! We’re still going strong to see how far we can go by June 19th at the Relay For Life! We’ll keep adding to the mile as long as there are bras and donations!!! maybe we can get the Guinness Book of World Records to list our charity bra line, setting the bar for others who copy the idea!! Keep your fingers crossed that they find us worthy of consideration!! If you have photos to share, email them to me!

The Lock City Moose (meese?) cooked up a vat of chowder to raise more money for the mile. Yes, someone did cover a bra in beer caps!



Volunteers Corky Schultz and Britney Walsh braved the snow flakes and cold on Sunday morning (Corky is legally blind and a great friend of Thee Barker Store and the Soda Jerks).

Carol has made a life-friend in Rita Beitz, who is one of the top supporters of the project!


Lock City "Moosettes"


Another loyal supporter!


"Let's hear it for the girls!"


Well, that’s all for now. Remember this is a blog, so when you get to the end of the post, click on
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This is just a partial list of thanks to the amazing work crew who got this set up on Mother’s Day!  On Saturday night, in the rain, Bob and Scott Ander, Joe Mangiafesto (did I get it right this time?) and Tim and Brandon Jenks helped Carol pound a mile of stakes into the Canal bank. Thanks to Lockport Mayor  Michael Tucker for his permission to lay stakes and support of our project! On Sunday, Wayne Rider, Bob Ander, Tim and Lori Jenks, Robin and Norm Jansen, Corky Schultz, Betsy and Paul Higgins, Pat Fuller and Brittney Walsh showed up to help roll out the bras and show them off. lending their support were the men and women of the Lockport Moose Club, who brought another $500 check to donate to the cause! Cheryl Weich came with money collected from bras decorated by residents at Briarwood Manor in Lockport. We estimate that we received over 500 bras through Red Hatters in the Western New York Crown Jewels 9our friends in Hamilton, Ontario as well!). Somerset Town Clerk Becky Connolly has donated hundreds of bras, gathered from town and village clerks across the country! there are so many more stories to tell, and the line keeps getting longer! It looks like our kitty for the American Cancer Society is around $12,000 and growing! Bless you all for your help as we keep up the fight against cancer!!

Of course, the whole “Barker Soda Jerks” RFL team is proud of Captain Carol Ander and her vision… and her right-hand gal Lori jenks. We love them!

Stay tuned for more news and photos and share your own by commenting or emailing me at juliechatterbox@msn.com!!

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It took hundreds of stakes to join the 50 foot bra sections! Thank you to Rita Beitz and her nephew Cal Schilling of the Southtowns for making the wooden stakes, and to Don & Jeff Pyskaty and Paul Higgins for more! Wayne Rider, Norm Jansen and Tim Jenks help strig them up!


Early morning supporters include some Red Hatters. The lines of bras were a bit like Christmas tree light strings wanting to tangle up


Barker relay Queen Darlene lutz brings coffee for the frozen troops, including Norm, Lori Jenks and fearless leader carol Ander!


OOPS! in the photo above, the Mother's Day Breast Cancer Walkers pass the bra line! Now, bring on the bras!


So there you have the first photos to surface of our unveiling on Mother’s Day on the Erie Canal! Obviously we do not have photos of all the bras! My apologies for picture quality, etc….my computer skills are limited and I had to scan these into a file to upload. If there are any jpegs out there, email them to me at juliechatterbox@msn.com and I will add them to our blog.

HOW FAR CAN WE GO???? We have a whole month more before the Relay For Life on June 19 and the bras and donations are still coming in!! I’m sure other Relays across the country will try to break our record next year!!

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It took four and a half hours to get the bras up and the mutiple strings are the overflow after the mile was reached!

It’s been a long week since Mother’s dDy and I apologize for not getting photos up, but I didn’t get to see anything from my vantage point in the auction tent, and just received these photos to scan and upload!

It was truly an amazing sight, despite the snowflakes trickling down all morning, and will be an even BIGGER show when the bras are all on display at our Relay For Life on June 19th.  If you want to liesurely stroll the lines and read the messages, see the designs, etc.- it will be the perfect opportunity. The bras will be on display throughout the Relay so you can come at a time convenient to you! I’ll have more details later, but in the meantime, I’d better get busy scanning photos and find the list of people to thank!     Julie

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Since the weather is so cold, those who are not able to stay after the walk can still participate in the HUGE Chinese Auction. We’ll take your name and number when you buy tickets, and call you if you win. REMEMBER THE WALK IS A RAIN OR SHINE EVENT! It will be chilly, but the hearts and welcome are warm!! See you there!

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The Soda Jerks bra stringers passed the one mile mark late Wenesday night and there are still more to zip tie to the 50 foot lengths! Stay tuned for progress updates!! Weather is looking cool but DRY for Sunday…thank you, Lord!

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